Monday, 8 February 2010

It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!

I had a good chat with Jared today which really helped. He said that the main focal section on the film should be the part where the pirates come to life. Our main priority is to figure out how to get the 'pull-out' effect. Neil and I are working on that for the moment. Jared also said we should play up the slight horror aspect of the film, y'know he is in the market, by himself at night. Jared and I discussed how we could have a bit of thunder and lightning to get some mood. This means we can have a few funny jumps in the begining and some interesting angles and lighting to show how some interesting shadows. I researched some of my old favourite horror films, Boris Karloff's Mummy and Frankenstein movies, and Lucio Fulci's Zombie movies.

I liked the Frankenstein way of things so. as the guard reaches for the cereal with his grabber, he is struck by lightning, zapping the cereal and the cut out's. But we need to find some good lightning effects!


  1. I have a test or the lightening and appropriate reactive lighting done in Maya 2010 currently rendering out. It will be ready in 20 mins.

  2. Awesome. I did a test but it was terrible. The bolt was copletly straight. it looked like the laser beam tha twas shot out of the death star!