Friday, 1 January 2010

Simply Breadbeard

Happy new year guys, hope u had a good new years even/day and xmas and shizzle like tht. Now to business, with distractions from family most of my holiday plus a wanker managing to delete many of my files from my still unwell computer this is as far as ive come with Breadbeard. Keep in mind i had to go back to an old file and try and get to where I was and Im not quite as far as I hoped im still a good distance, even if it doesnt look it...
So far ive added some detail but it is still unfinished (obviously) and there is still areas in which i need to further the detail and try and capture the style. Please give me your opinions and shizzle cause I need to know where to improve. Plus I think im gonna need some help with the head and face, probz from Quirkey


  1. Very good Tom, chest and waist could probably do with sticking out at the fornt a little more but apart from that it's pretty damn good!