Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Camera & vFX Technologies - STEADYCAM & BAY BANG BWOY!

Because I know we all love dat crazy shit coming from Michael Bay nowadays I rustled up this little doozy to make life a little more interesting. I give you the mult-node SteadyCam rig. This beauty allows realistic, natural secondary motion to be created by the camera's own movement across a scene there. Combine this with the Woo Shot and Bay Track Shot and we're gonna have some crazy fun lovin' slomo action shit thats gonna kill da competition. You gets me bredda!?

I also got to thinking about other things Michael Bay and so, of course, I remembered he likes to blow every fracking thing in sight up so I did some RnD on explosions and came up with this. A beautiful gas powered explosion. It's fracking beautiful man. I'm thinking that when their ship starts to careen around the store we could have mini-explosions going off. Also when the melon is shot at the Guard there could be a ridiculous sized Michael Bay Bang somewhere off in the distance - blowing fracking shit everywhere. You gets me bredda!?


  1. Wicked stuff man, the camera works great and the explosion looks epic. Do you think we'd be able to pull that off in the ending?

  2. Yup - no problem. I'm using a proprietory plugin for Maya called OverBurn 1.6 (which works in any version of Maya 2008 upwards). Very low memory consumption and MEL based. Fracking awesome technology. The particles being emitted by the explosion can be dynamically linked to interact with passive and active objects so this could really look awesome.