Wednesday, 13 January 2010

in case you wondered

Hey guys, sorry i havent answered anything the last week...
ive caught a bad flu (NOT swine flu) from someone and havent been able to get out of bed the past few days, ill be in tomorrow if i can stop coughin and sneezing, apparently its pretty contagious.
ive got the final rigs and interface ready more or less im just going to need the final character models for Dummy (If they're ready?) and if Lewis can send whatever characters theyve got together so far, im gunna need to check over the topography to make sure its not goin to break the rig :S ,also im gunna need them in OBJ's and well as MA's cause im having to work in 9.5 for now (yes JB, i know i need 2010) but im getting a new comp put together within the next 2 weeks so i dont think theyll be any problems, the rig and interface should stay intact when transfered.
Sorry for the long post, ill keep tweaking the interface and keep you guys udated.

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