Monday, 7 December 2009

Holiday Works

Hi guys, sorry I have been stuck to my games for the past few days after essay.
I think what we should do first, is to find what is your position on this scheduel. Don't worry about the name asighned to it and the dates and stuff, just look at the job title(with red dots*) and see what interests you the most. Then post here the job title you want to work on. This way we won't have over-lapping jobs. Just remember communication saves time! So before you head down start doing your stuff, post here.

*Red dots is the ones I think we can work on during the holiday. Animations and others has to wait until modelings finished.

Red squares means the job has already got its owner. Once posts(your applications) are up, this scheduel will be full of red squares. Hopefully.


  1. As I said, props seems to be the only thing I;m doing over the next two terms.
    I would also like to help with the environment texture and shop (modelling); maybe not over the holidays but in general.
    There are A LOT of props; and while they won't all get done; Its still not that much as an only job.

  2. MU LI!!!!!

    Im already modelling Breadbeard and asked to do Patches as well, but I dont mind giving up the latter of the two if someone else would like it

  3. tom

    good man. yeah just go ahead with the big guy, leave patche alone just for now.